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Our history

The country guesthouse La Palazzetta di Assisi is located on the hill of Sterpeto di Assisi, 344 meters above sea level. This old farmhouse has been renovated over time, although its history, original structure and atmosphere have always been maintained unchanged.


Inside the building is the Palombara dei Conti Fiumi (dove-house of the counts Fiumi), that once played a fundamental role in the local rural economy and that is now used as living room.

The country guesthouse is located within a family farm extending over 15 hectares of land: crop fields, olive and fruit tree plantations and cereals. Old and new generations work together by connecting their ideas and initiatives in order to best develop the fruits our earth has to offer

The country guesthouse La Palazzetta di Assisi offers to its guests comfortable types of accommodation deep in the green, overlooking a landscape of unique colours, typical of the Umbria region.


The apartments are tastefully decorated by considering all details. Wooden and stone converge and create a warm and familiar atmosphere. A dive into the past, into the origins of our ancestors’ culture.

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